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Table 4 Sensitivity and specificity of aggrecan fragment measurements

From: Synovial fluid level of aggrecan ARGS fragments is a more sensitive marker of joint disease than glycosaminoglycan or aggrecan levels: a cross-sectional study

Assay Cut-off AUC Sensitivity Specificity
OA-1 ARGS ELISA 1 pmol ARGS/ml 82% 67% 92%
Alcian blue precipitation 88.5 μg sGAG/ml 63% 40% 92%
1-F21 ELISA 188.5 μg aggrecan/ml 53% 32% 91%
ARGS/sGAG* 5% 83% 65% 96%
  1. *The molar proportion of aggrecan fragments in SF detected as ARGS neoepitope fragments, measured by Alcian blue precipitation and the ARGS ELISA respectively.
  2. Sensitivity = the proportion of positives (diseased) correctly identified by the test.
  3. Specificity = the proportion of negatives (healthy) correctly identified by the test.
  4. AUC = area under receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve.
  5. Cut-offs were chosen based on ROC curve analysis where the sum of sensitivity and specificity was highest.