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Table 2 Overview of recent treatment patterns of gout in the USA

From: Gout. Novel therapies for treatment of gout and hyperuricemia

Total ambulatory visits, and visits to primary care versus specialists  
   Total number of ambulatory care visits 973 million
   Number of visits for gout 3.9 million (0.4% of total)
   Percentage of total visits for gout to:  
Primary care 69%
Cardiologists 10%
'Other specialists or unknown' <16%
Rheumatologists <2%
Number of gout patient-specific anti-inflammatory prescriptions (absolute number of prescriptions/year)  
   Colchicine ~381,000
   NSAIDs ~700,000
   Prednisone ~341,000
Number of gout patient-specific urate-lowering prescriptions (absolute number of prescriptions/year)  
   Allopurinol 2.8 million
   Probenecid 8,000
Demographics of allopurinol prescribing: percentage of gout patients that are:  
   Caucasian 80%
   African Americans 49%
   Asians 19%
  1. Data from the 2002 calendar year extracted from the work of Krishnan et al. [4]. NSAID, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.