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Table 1 Pooled indices developed for rheumatoid arthritis

From: Outcome measures in inflammatory rheumatic diseases

Name Year Form Aspect Laboratory   Symptoms   Global assessments Joint examination Function
Lansbury 1956 Continuous State ESR MS Fatigue Pain*      Grip  
Pooled 1977 Continuous State ESR MS       TJC Grip Func. index
ARA remission 1981 Dichotomy State ESR MS Fatigue     SJC TJC   
Mallya 1981 Continuous State ESR, Hb MS   Pain     RAI Grip  
IDA 1983 Continuous State ESR, Hb MS       TJC   
New IDA 1990 Continuous State ESR, Hb    Pain     RAI Grip HAQ
Stoke 1990 Continuous State ESR, CRP MS       RAI, PIPs   
Scott 1990 Continuous State ESR MS   Pain     RAI   
DAS 1990 Continuous State ESR     PGA   SJC RAI   
Paulus 1990 Dichotomy Change ESR MS    PGA DGA SJC TJC   
RADAI 1995 Continuous State   MS   Pain PGA GH   TJC   
DAS28 1995 Continuous State ESR     PGA   SJC TJC   
ACR response 1995 Dichotomy Change ESR    Pain PGA DGA SJC TJC   HAQ
EULAR response 1995 Trichotomy Change and state ESR     PGA   SJC TJC   
SDAI 2003 Continuous State CRP     PGA DGA SJC TJC   
CDAI 2005 Continuous State      PGA DGA SJC TJC   
PASS 2005 Continuous State     Pain PGA      HAQ
RAPID 2006 Continuous State     Pain PGA      HAQ
ACR 'hybrid' 2007 Continuous Change and state ESR    Pain PGA DGA SJC TJC   HAQ
  1. Pooled indices developed for the assessment of disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis, adapted after [5]. *Aspirine need as proxy for pain. DAS and DAS28 were developed with a global General Health rating, though PGA is more broadly used than GH now. Self-assessed. ACR, American College of Rheumatology; ARA, American Rheumatism Association; CDAI, Clinical Disease Activity Index; CRP, C-reactive protein; DAS, Disease Activity Score; DGA, doctor global assessment of disease activity; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; EULAR, European League Against Rheumatism; GH, general health; Grip, grip strength; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire disability index; Hb, hemoglobin level; IDA, Index of Disease Activity; MS, morning stiffness; PASS, Patient Acceptable Symptom State; PGA, patient global assessment of disease activity; PIP, proximal interphalangeal joints; RADAI, RA Disease Activity Index; RAI, Ritchie Articular Index; RAPID, Routine Assessment of Patient Index Data; SDAI, Simplified Disease Activity Index; SJC, swollen joint count; TJC, tender joint count.