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Figure 4

From: Flow cytometry analysis of glucocorticoid receptor expression and binding in steroid-sensitive and steroid-resistant patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Figure 4

FCM analysis of GR in SLE patients and controls. Comparison of GR (a) expression and (b) binding in lymphocytes (CD3/GR) and monocytes (CD14/GR) among the SR group (n = 17) and the SS group (n = 18) with SLE, and the normal control group (n = 27). Bars show the mean ± standard error of the mean average fluorescence intensity of CD3/GR or CD14/GR detected by FCM before treatment. GR expression and binding in the SR group were significantly lower than in the other two groups. No differences were found between the SS group and normal control group in the expression and the binding of GR, except for the GR binding in CD3, which in the SS group was significantly lower than that in the control group. *P < 0.01, vs normal group, P < 0.01, vs SS group. FCM = flow cytometry; GR = glucocorticoid receptor; MFI = mean fluorescence intensity; SLE = systemic lupus erythematosus; SR = steroid-resistant; SS = steroid-sensitive.

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