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Figure 7

From: Advanced glycation end products induce cell cycle arrest and proinflammatory changes in osteoarthritic fibroblast-like synovial cells

Figure 7

RAGE expression in FLS. (a) Real-time RT-PCR for the determination of receptor for AGEs (RAGE) mRNA expression. Incubation of cells with advanced glycation end products-modified (AGE)-BSA after one day induced the upregulation of RAGE mRNA (*P < 0.001, n = 15). (b) RAGE protein expression as determined by western blots. 5 mg/ml AGE-BSA for 48 hours significantly induced RAGE protein expression (*P < 0.001, n = 8). Examples of two independent western blots are shown. FLS = fibroblast-like synovial cells; GAPDH = glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase.

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