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Table 4 Aspergillus disease in rheumatoid arthritis patients: literature review

From: Sinus aspergilloma in rheumatoid arthritis before or during tumor necrosis factor-alpha antagonist therapy

Type of Aspergillus disease Site TNFα antagonist Other treatment Outcome Reference
Aspergilloma Lung No Hydroxychloroquine Death [31]
Invasive aspergillosis Lung No Methotrexate Recovery [32]
Aspergilloma Lung No Glucocorticoid therapy Recovery [33]
Aspergilloma Lung No Glucocorticoid therapy, salazopyrine, methotrexate Recovery [34]
Invasive aspergillosis Lung Infliximab Glucocorticoid therapy, leflunomide Recovery [35]
Rheumatoid nodule colonization Lung No Glucocorticoid therapy, methotrexate Death [36]
Aspergillosis Lung Infliximab Methotrexate ? [37]
Aspergillosis Lung Etanercept Not available ? [38]
Invasive aspergillosis Lung No Not available Not available [39]
Aspergillosis Lung No Glucocorticoid therapy, methotrexate, leflunomide Death [40]
Aspergillosis Lung No Methotrexate Recovery [41]
Aspergilloma Sphenoidal sinus Infliximab Glucocorticoid therapy Recovery [42]