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Figure 2

From: Altered peptide ligands inhibit arthritis induced by glucose-6-phosphate isomerase peptide

Figure 2

Co-immunization with antagonistic altered peptide ligands suppresses the development of arthritis. Mice were co-immunized with antagonistic altered peptide ligand (APL) 6, APL 7, APL 12, APL 13 (upper panel), the agonistic APL 15 (middle panel) or OVA peptide (lower panel). Progression of arthritis was significantly suppressed in mice co-immunized with APL 6, APL 12 and APL 13 after day 12, and in mice co-immunized with APL 7 after day 16 (P < 0.05, Mann--Whitney U test). Data presented as mean arthritis score (± standard error of the mean) of four mice in one representative experiment of at least two independent experiments.

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