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Figure 4

From: Altered peptide ligands inhibit arthritis induced by glucose-6-phosphate isomerase peptide

Figure 4

Co-immunization with altered peptide ligands does not affect IL-17 production. Mice were immunized with 10 μg glucose-6-phosphate isomerase hGPI325--339 and 50 μg each altered peptide ligand (APL). Draining lymph node cells on day 6 were stimulated for 24 hours in vitro (a) with 10 μM mouse GPI325--339 or (b) with 10 μM corresponding APL. GoldiStop was added in the last 4 hours of each culture. Flow cytometry analysis for IL-17 and TCRVβ repertoire was gated in CD4high cells. None, immunization with no APL (hGPI325--339alone). Representative flow cytometry data of two independent experiments.

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