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Table 1 Summary of evaluated amplification methods, target on chlamydial genome, product size and references of primer sequences

From: Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis-DNA in synovial fluid: evaluation of the sensitivity of different DNA extraction methods and amplification systems

  Target Product size Primer sequences Application in Germany
PCR 1 omp-1 (152 bp) 152 bp Bobo and colleagues [24] Kuipers and colleagues [17]
PCR 2 omp-1 (739 bp) 739 bp Gérard and colleagues [27] Freise and colleagues [9]
PCR 3 Plasmid 402 bp Wilkinson and colleagues [23] M. Rudwaleit, Benjamin Franklin Hsp., Berlin
PCR 4 16sRNA 141 bp Bas and colleagues [18]  
LCR Plasmid LCX® Abbott Kuipers and colleagues [17]
  1. LCR = ligase chain reaction; omp-1 = major outer membrane protein 1.