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Figure 2

From: CTLA4-Ig interacts with cultured synovial macrophages from rheumatoid arthritis patients and downregulates cytokine production

Figure 2

B7.2 expression in macrophages after CTLA4-IG treatment by immunofluorescence analysis. B7.2 expression by immunofluorescence analysis on primary cultures of rheumatoid arthritis synovial macrophages (RA SM) (a) untreated, (b) treated with CTLA4-Ig 10 μg/ml, (c) treated with CTLA4-Ig 100 μg/ml and (d) treated with CTLA4-Ig 500 μg/ml; (e) on macrophages differentiated from THP-1 untreated, (f) treated with CTLA4-Ig 10 μg/ml, (g) CTLA4-Ig 100 μg/ml and (h) CTLA4-Ig 500 μg/ml.

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