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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of study subjects who did not develop an incident bone marrow lesion compared with those who did

From: Total cholesterol and triglycerides are associated with the development of new bone marrow lesions in asymptomatic middle-aged women - a prospective cohort study

  No incident BML
n = 115
Incident BML
n = 11
Age, years 52.3 (6.80)a 54.7 (4.98)a 0.31b
Body mass index, kg/m2 26.9 (5.42)b 28.9 (5.14)a 0.23b
Total cholesterol, mmol/Lc 5.71 (3.7-8.3)b 6.45 (4.8-9.1)b 0.04b
Triglycerides, mmol/Ld 1.0 (0.5-2.9)e 1.4 (0.8-3.8)e 0.01f
HDL, mmol/Lc 1.5 (0.5-2.6)e 1.3 (0.9-2.6)e 0.52f
LDL, mmol/Lc 3.6 (1.8-5.8)e 3.87 (3.2-6.3)e 0.19f
Total/HDL ratio 3.8 (2.0-7.4)a 5.3 (2.5-8.3)a 0.13b
  1. aMean (standard deviation or range). bIndependent samples t test. cTo convert from mmol/L to mg/dL, divide by 0.0259. dTo convert from mmol/L to mg/dL, divide by 0.0113. eMedian (range). fMann-Whitney U test. BML, bone marrow lesion; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LDL, low-density lipoprotein.