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Table 4 Baseline predictors of the first ever cardiovascular event, multivariable-adjusted Cox regression

From: Predictors of the first cardiovascular event in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus - a prospective cohort study

  Hazard Ratio Confidence interval P
Age* 2.39 1.71 to 3.32 < 0.0001
Thrombocytopenia 0.35 0.08 to 0.77 0.005
Any aPL 4.23 1.56 to 14.83 0.003
von Willebrand factor† 1.97 1.16 to 3.33 0.01
  1. Calculations were done using multivariable-adjusted Cox regression. *For age hazard ratio is calculated per 10 years (HR/10 years), for von Willebrand factor hazard ratio is given as risk per standard deviation, †calculations were done on log transformed values.