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Table 1 Classification of occupations

From: Association between occupation and knee and hip replacement due to osteoarthritis: a case-control study

ISCO-88 Class Our class Most common occupations for men Most common occupation for women
Legislators, senior officials and managers Managers and professionals Teachers, doctors Teachers, nurses
Technicians and associate professionals Technicians and clerks Office clerks, ship's engineers Office clerks, nurses assistants
Office clerks    
Service workers and shop and market sales workers Service and shop workers Salespersons, police officers Salespersons, catering personnel
Skilled agricultural and fishery workers Farmers Farmers Farmers
  Fishermen Fishermen (none in group)
Craft and related trades workers Craft workers Carpenters, construction workers Fish processing, sewers
Plant and machine operators and assemblers Operators and unskilled labour Building construction labourers, heavy truck- and lorry drivers Cleaners, factory work
Elementary occupations    
Armed forces Not applicable*   
  Housewives (none in group) Housewives
  1. * There are no armed forces in Iceland.