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Table 2 Results of Anti-MCV and RF IgG testing using POCT in comparison to ELISA

From: Immediate determination of ACPA and rheumatoid factor - a novel point of care test for detection of anti-MCV antibodies and rheumatoid factor using a lateral-flow immunoassay

positive (n) 62 87
negative (n) 368 343
sensitivity relating to diagnosis (%) 54.6 56.5
specifity relating to diagnosis (%) 99.1 91.2
PPV relating to diagnosis (%) 100  
NPV relating to diagnosis (%) 71.3  
sensitivity relating to ELISA (%) 69.3 55.6
specifity relating to ELISA (%) 99.7 97.2
  1. PPV, positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value