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Figure 2

From: 74-week follow-up of safety of infliximab in patients with refractory rheumatoid arthritis

Figure 2

Incidence of (a) AEs, (b) infections, and (c) IRs during the study. The incidence of (a) all adverse events (AEs), (b) infections, and (c) infusion reactions (IRs) are shown for weeks 0 to 26, 27 to 50, and 51 to 74. The week 0 to 26 values were calculated by summing the number events for weeks 0 to 6 and weeks 7 to 26. For each time period, the presence or absence of IRs was recorded only a single time. However, this did not affect the calculation of the week 0 to 26 value from the week 0 to 6 and week 7 to 26 values.

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