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Figure 3

From: Diet-induced obesity differentially regulates behavioral, biomechanical, and molecular risk factors for osteoarthritis in mice

Figure 3

Musculoskeletal performance in high-fat-fed mice. (a) Fore-limb grip strength reductions in high-fat (HF)-fed mice over time (three measurements/animal/timepoint). (b) Hind limb grip strength reductions in HF-fed high gainer (HG) mice over time (three measurements/animal/timepoint). (c) Knee joint osteoarthritis (OA) scores were negatively correlated with the peak vertical component of the ground reaction force (expressed per unit body mass) from the hind limb during self-selected steady-speed locomotion. (d) Spontaneous horizontal distance traveled during a 72-hour period in control and HF-fed mice at 39 weeks of age. (e) Average horizontal distance traveled during a 10-hour dark period by control and HF-fed mice at different ages. (f) Comparison of knee OA score with the cumulative dark phase distance traveled (average of 15, 20, 27, and 39 weeks of age). Data shown as mean ± standard error of the mean. *P < 0.05 versus age-matched controls.

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