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Table 1 A9-modified recombinant CB11 is not arthritogenic

From: Modulation of collagen-induced arthritis by adenovirus-mediated intra-articular expression of modified collagen type II

Format of collagenous immunogena Incidenceb Antibodies to CIIc
rCB11-A9/CFA 0/5 (0%) 2.5 ± 1, P < 0.05
rCB11/CFA 2/5 (40%) 21.3 ± 5
  1. a. The baculovirus-expressed products, both rCB11 (recombinant CII124-402)) and rCB11-A9 (recombinant CII124-402,260A, 261B, 263D) were collected, emulsified with complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA), and used to immunize groups of five DBA/1 mice to observe for the development of arthritis. We found that modified rCB11-A9 was unable to induce either arthritis or significant antibody titers to type II collagen (CII) while the control unmodified rCB11-induced arthritis at its expected incidence of 40% as well as inducing a greater antibody response to murine CII.
  2. b. Incidence is reported at six weeks following immunization.
  3. c. Antibody levels were measured by ELISA and reported as arbitrary units based on comparison to a standard antiserum run simultaneously.