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Table 2 AdenoX-rCB11-A9 treatment suppresses anti-CII antibodies

From: Modulation of collagen-induced arthritis by adenovirus-mediated intra-articular expression of modified collagen type II

Antibodies to CII in treated mice
Treatmenta Antibodies to CIIb
AdenoX-rCB11-A9 (imm CII/CFA 3 days later) 19.6 ± 2, P < 0.05
AdenoX-rCB11-A9 (imm CII/CFA 7 days later) 16.2 ± 2 P < 0.005
AdenoX-lacZ (imm CII/CFA 3 days later) 37.2 ± 10
AdenoX-lacZ (imm CII/CFA 7 days later) 45.0 ± 9
  1. a. Four groups of 10 DBA/1 mice each were administered intra-articularly either adenoX-rCB11-A9 (adenoviral construct with DNA encoding (CII124-402,260A, 261B, 263D) or adenoX-LacZ (adenoviral construct with DNA encoding LacZ). The mice were immunized with type II collagen/complete Freund's adjuvant (CII/CFA) either three or seven days after the injection and sera was collected six weeks after the immunization to test for antibodies to CII. As noted the adenoX-rCB11-A9 was extremely effective at suppressing the development of antibodies to CII, irregardless of whether the mice were immunized three days or seven days later.
  2. b. Antibody levels were measured by ELISA and reported as arbitrary units based on comparison to a standard antiserum run simultaneously.