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Figure 2

From: Trait-stratified genome-wide association study identifies novel and diverse genetic associations with serologic and cytokine phenotypes in systemic lupus erythematosus

Figure 2

Serum IFN-α levels in SLE patients stratified by genotype at PPM1 H (a), LPAR1 (b), ANKS1A (c), VSIG2 (d), and EFNA5 (e). Minor allele homozygotes are combined with heterozygotes for analysis. Patients are stratified first by genotype, and secondarily by the serologic factor associated with the particular SNP in Table 1, as indicated in the legend below the X-axis. Y-axis shows the serum IFN-α activity score as outlined in the Methods section. Bars show the median, error bars show the interquartile range. P-values indicate two column comparisons between the bars on the graph indicated by the line, and are calculated using the Mann-Whitney U test. Significant differences are observed either between subjects with the same genotype but with differing serological profiles (a through d), or between subjects with different genotypes but sharing the same serologic profile (e).

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