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Figure 6

From: The effect of risedronate on osteogenic lineage is mediated by cyclooxygenase-2 gene upregulation

Figure 6

COX-2 and b-ALP gene expression in treated MLO-y4 osteocyte cell line. COX-2 (a) and b-ALP (b) gene expression in MLO-y4 osteocytes treated with dexametasone 1 μM (DEX), with or without risedronate (Ris) at different concentrations. In the right side of the figure are also reported the effects on gene expression of risedronate (Ris) at different concentrations with or without NS-398 COX-2 inhibitor. Risedronate upregulated the gene expression in a dose dependant manner and reduced the downregulation of gene expression induced by dexametasone. The addition of NS-398 inhibitor significantly reduced the expression of COX-2 (P < 0.05/0.001) and b-ALP (P < 0.005) increased by Ris. The experiments were performed in triplicate.

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