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Table 4 Prevalence of bilateral cysts and bursitides at baseline

From: Longitudinal assessment of cyst-like lesions of the knee and their relation to radiographic osteoarthritis and MRI-detected effusion and synovitis in patients with knee pain

Type of lesiona Bilateral (N= 156)
Any type 76 (49)
Popliteal cyst 34 (22)
Subgastrocnemius bursitis 11 (7)
proximal tibiofibular joint cyst 5 (3)
Hoffa's fat pad ganglion cyst 2 (1)
Medial meniscal cyst 1 (1)
Semi-membranosus medial collateral ligament bursitis 1 (1)
  1. Data presented as number of subjects with bilateral cystic lesions, either grand total or subtotal for each type of cystic lesions (%). N, number of subjects. aIn order of descending frequency.