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Figure 3

From: Oestrogen is important for maintenance of cartilage and subchondral bone in a murine model of knee osteoarthritis

Figure 3

Time course of subchondral cortical thickness. Mice were scanned every 3 weeks in an in vivo micro-CT scanner. (a and b) Patella. (b and c) Medial tibia. (d and e) Lateral tibia. (a, c and e) Sham and OVX groups. aP < 0.05 for OVX+IA versus Sham+Sal; bP < 0.05 for OVX+IA versus Sham+IA, both according to unpaired t-test. cP < 0.05 for OVX+IA versus OVX+Sal according to paired t-test. (b, d and f) OVX and OVX+E groups. eP < 0.05 for OVX+IA versus OVX+E+IA; fP < 0.05 for OVX+Sal versus OVX+E+Sal, both according to unpaired t-test. Note that in (a), Sham+IA and OVX+Sal curves are overlapping up to week 9.

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