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Figure 7

From: Oestrogen is important for maintenance of cartilage and subchondral bone in a murine model of knee osteoarthritis

Figure 7

Bone and cartilage parameters for OVX and OVX+BP groups. (a) Time course of patella subchondral cortical thickness. (b) Time course of lateral subchondral plate thickness. (c) Time course of patella trabecular bone volume fraction. (d) Time course of epiphysis trabecular bone volume fraction. (e) Patella cartilage damage at 12 weeks postsurgery. (f) Medial tibia cartilage damage at 12 weeks postsurgery. gP < 0.05 for OVX+IA versus OVX+BP+IA; hP < 0.05 for OVX+Sal versus OVX+BP+Sal, both according to unpaired t-test. *P < 0.05 according unpaired t-test.

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