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Table 3 Multivariate stepwise regression

From: Does moderate-to-high intensity Nordic walking improve functional capacity and pain in fibromyalgia? A prospective randomized controlled trial

Variable Parameter Estimator (SE) P-value
Intercept 329.7 (64.13)  
6MWT -0.30 (0.08) 0.000
TPs -7.43 (2.85) 0.010
Group -26.6 (10.14) 0.012
  1. Independent variables are: Age, education, group, attendance rate, number of TPs, pain localisation, pain duration, baseline values of the HAD-A, the HAD-D, the FIQ total score, the LTPAI total score and the 6MWT. The dependent variable is change of the 6MWT.
  2. 6MWT, Six-Minute Walk Test; TP, tender point; HAD-A, Hospital Anxiety and Depression - Anxiety; HAD-D, Hospital Anxiety and Depression - Depression; FIQ, Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire; LTPAI, Leisure Time Physical Activity Instrument; SE, standard error.