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Table 2 Quantitative trait loci (QTL) associated with osteoarthritis

From: Genetic markers of osteoarticular disorders: facts and hopes

Reference QTL affected Phenotype
[28] 8q GOA Early-onset OA-CPDD (1 family)
[29] 2q23?35 Hand Nodal OA
[30] 11q Hip, knee Female OA
[31] 2q Hip, knee OA of the hip
  4q   Female OA of the hip
  6p/6q   OA of the hip
  11q   Female OA
  16p/16q   Female OA of the hip
[32] 2q12?13 Hand Distal interphalangeal joint OA
  4q26?27   Distal interphalangeal joint OA
  7p15?21   Distal interphalangeal joint OA
  X-cen   Distal interphalangeal joint OA
[33] 4q35 Hip Premature degenerative OA of the hip
[34] 6q12-13 Hip, knee Female OA of the hip
  6p21.3   Female OA of the hip
[35] 2q31 Hip, knee Familial OA of the hip
  1. CPDD = calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease; GOA = generalized osteoarthritis; OA = osteoarthritis.