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Table 3 Candidate gene polymorphisms associated with osteoarthritis

From: Genetic markers of osteoarticular disorders: facts and hopes

Genetic   Association  
polymorphism Phenotype found? Reference
VDR Female knee OA Yes [42]
  Knee OA (osteophytosis) Yes [41]
  Female OA (hip replacement) No [50]
  Hand, hip, knee OA No [51]
  Idiopathic OA No [39]
COL2A1 PGOA/chondrodysplasia Yes [140]
  Nodal GOA No [141]
  GOA, finger joints OA No [24]
  GOA Yes [45]
  Female OA (hip replacement) No [50]
  GOA Yes [46]
  Knee OA (joint space narrowing) Yes [47]
COL1A1 Female OA (hip replacement) No [50]
  Idiopathic female OA Yes [39]
ER a GOA Yes [38]
  Idiopathic OA No [39]
TGFB1 Spine OA (osteophytosis) Yes [48]
IGF-I GOA Yes [44]
Aggrecan proteoglycan Male bilateral hand OA Yes [49]
  1. OA = osteoarthritis; COL = collagen; ER = estrogen receptor; GOA = generalized osteoarthritis; IGF = insulin-like growth factor; PGOA = primary generalized osteoarthritis; TGF = transforming growth factor.