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Table 2 Integrated Discomfort Score

From: Collagen-induced arthritis in common marmosets: a new nonhuman primate model for chronic arthritis

Disease score Characteristics Monitoring Maximal durationa
0 Asymptomatic Daily End of experiment
  No general discomfort signs   
0.5 Fever ( > 0.5°C) Twice per week 12 weeks
1 Apathy Daily 10 weeks
  Less mobility but no pain Daily  
  Loss of appetite Daily  
2 Weight loss Twice per week 6 weeks
  Warm extremities Twice per week  
  Treatable pain without STS Daily  
3 Moderate redness + STS of joints Twice per week 4 weeks
  Normal flexibility of extremities Twice per week  
4 Severe redness + STS of joints Twice per week 2 weeks
  With joint stiffness   
5 Serious lethargy Daily 18 hours
  Serious untreatable pain Daily 18 hours
  Serious immobility of joints Twice per week 18 hoursb
  Body weight loss >25% Twice per week 18 hoursb
  1. STS, soft tissue swelling. aThe discomfort time combination is used in a cumulative fashion. bCan only be assessed in the sedated monkey, which cannot be done more than twice per week for ethical reasons.