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Table 1 Positions of the named susceptibility loci from murine genome studies involving NZB, NZW, NZM2410, BXSB, and MRL/lpr mice (Wakeland et al, 1999) [2].

From: Genetic epidemiology: Systemic lupus erythematosus

location Susceptibility loci
1 Bxs1, Bxs2, Sbw1, Gld, Sle1, Nba2, Lbw7, Bxs3
3 Sles3 *
4 Sle2, Sbw2, Lbm1, nba1, Lbw2, Lmb1, Sles2 *
5 Sle6, Lmb2, Lbw3
6 Lbw4
7 Lrdm1, Sle5, Sle3, Lbw5, Lmb3, Nba3
9 Sles4 *
10 Lmb4
11 Lbw8
12 Lrdm2
17 H2d/z, Sle4, Sles1 *
18 Lbw6
19 Fas
  1. *Suppressive modifiers, responsible for the suppression of fatal disease in the NZW genome.