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Figure 6

From: Tumor necrosis factor-alpha promotes survival in methotrexate-exposed macrophages by an NF-kappaB-dependent pathway

Figure 6

MTX does not inhibit TNF-a-induced NF-kB activity. A. Reporter-expressing RAW264.7 cells were exposed to MTX for one hour or two hour before TNF-a stimulation for a further three hour. Shown are mean ± SEM of four independent experiments. B. BMDM were pre-treated with MTX for two hour before TNF-a stimulation for 10 minutes. Whole-cell lysates were probed with antibodies for phosphorylated IkBa, total IkBa and b-actin. C. Adenosine and D. NECA do not increase basal macrophage apoptosis. BMDM were exposed to increasing concentrations of adenosine or NECA for 24 hour before caspase-3 measurements. Shown are mean ± SEM of results from three independent experiments in each case. ** = P < 0.01.

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