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Table 2 Clinical, laboratory, and radiologic data for subgroup B: hypogonadotropic hypogonadal male patients, with and without rheumatic/autoimmune disease (RAD)

From: High frequency of association of rheumatic/autoimmune diseases and untreated male hypogonadism with severe testicular dysfunction

Patient Age Endocrine and     
no. (years) genetic diagnosis Symptoms and disease duration Laboratory findingsa X-rays RAD
1 23 Kallmann's syndrome; Intermittent lumbar and hip pain, ESR, 3 mm/h; B27 (+) Bilateral AS
   46,XY symmetrical ankle arthritis; 10 years;   sacroiliitis  
    Schober's test, 4.5 cma    
2 34 Kallmann's syndrome; Intermittent lumbar pain and morning ESR, 7 mm/h; B27 (+) Ankylosis of AS
   46,XY stiffness; 10 years; Schober's test, 4.5 cma   sacroiliac joints  
3 17 Idiopathic hypogonado- Photosensitive skin heliotrope rash, ESR, 53 mm/h; CK, 182 U/ml; Muscle JDM
   tropic MPHG; 46,XY; alopecia, proximal muscle weakness with C3, 115 mg/dl; C4, 76 mg/dl; calcinosis  
   bilateral cryptorchidism atrophy, Gottron's papules; 11 years; ANA + speckled pattern;   
    arthritis of MCP and PIP joints anti-DNA, 26 IU/ml;   
     B27 (-); muscle biopsy: myositis   
4 20 Idiopathic hypogonado- Asymptomatic ESR, 16 mm/h; B27 (-) Normal None
   tropic MPHG with hyper-     
   prolactinemia; 46,XY;     
   bilateral cryptorchidism;     
   bilateral orchidectomy     
  1. ANA = antinuclear antibodies; AS = ankylosing spondylitis; B27 = histocompatibility antigen B27; CK = creatine kinase; ESR = erythrocyte sedimentation rate; JDM = juvenile dermatomyositis; MCP = metacarpophalangeal; MPHG = male patient with hypogonadism; PIP = proximal interphalangeal. aNormal values: anti-DNA, <20 IU/dl; C3, 80–120 mg/dl; C4,12–20 mg/dl; creatine kinase, 0–95 U/ml; ESR, <15 mm/h; Schober's test, >5 cm.