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Figure 4

From: Cystatin C influences the autoimmune but not inflammatory response to cartilage type II collagen leading to chronic arthritis development

Figure 4

Cystatin C-deficient mice show a stronger DTH reaction. A, Cystatin C-deficient mice (Cyst C -/-, n = 11) developed a significantly stronger DTH reaction towards CII compared to the wild type controls (Cyst C +/+, n = 11) 48 h after challenge, and so did the heterozygous cystatin C-deficient mice (Cyst C -/+, n = 11). B, The observed enhanced DTH was due to cystatin C-deficiency and not 129/Sv linked genes as F1 intercross between 129/Sv x cystatin C-deficient mice (n = 12) had a significantly enhanced DTH compared to the F1 intercross between 129/Sv x B10.Q/rhd (n = 12) 48 h after challenge. Significance was calculated with Mann-Whitney test where ** P-value < 0.01 and *** P-value < 0.001.

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