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Table 3 Changes in the mediators of IL-6 signaling pathway

From: Regulation of chondrocyte gene expression by osteogenic protein-1

  rhOP-1 vs Cntr OP-1AS vs Cntr  
  fold change fold change Accession no.
Genes from IL-6 signaling pathway    
ELK-1 1.89↓   [GenBank:NM_005229]
IL-6 2.09↓ 1.60↑ [GenBank:NM_000600]
IL-6R 1.81↓   [GenBank:NM_000565]
IL-6 signal transducer (oncostatin M receptor)   1.63↓ [GenBank:NM_002184]
STAT1 2.42↓   [GenBank:NM_007315]
NFκBIα 1.86↓ 1.58↑ [GenBank:NM_020529]
Protein inhibitor of activated STAT3   1.84↓ [GenBank:NM_006099]
STAT6   1.53↓ [GenBank:NM_003153]
MAP 3 kinase 7   1.67↓ [GenBank:NM_003188]
MAPK 14   1.52↓ [GenBank:L35253]
MAPK1 1.55↓