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Table 2 HEp-2 cell proteins recognised by immunoglobulin G in at least 75% of sera pools from patientsa

From: Identification of new autoantibody specificities directed at proteins involved in the transforming growth factor β pathway in patients with systemic sclerosis

Protein SwissProt accession number
Total protein extract  
   Heat shock 70-kDa protein 1b [SwissProt:HSP71_HUMAN]
   Stress-induced phosphoprotein 1 [SwissProt:STIP1_HUMAN]
   Protein disulfide-isomerase A3 precursor [SwissProt:PDIA3_HUMAN]
   Glial fibrillary acidic proteinb [SwissProt:GFAP_HUMAN]
   α-enolaseb [SwissProt:ENOA_HUMAN]
   Mannose-6 phosphate receptor-binding protein 1 [SwissProt:M6PBP_HUMAN]
   40S ribosomal protein SAb [SwissProt:RSSA_HUMAN]
   Phosphoglycerate kinase 1 [SwissProt:PGK1_HUMAN]
   Actin, cytoplasmic 1b [SwissProt:ACTB_HUMAN]
   Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenaseb [SwissProt:G3P_HUMAN]
   Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins A2/B1 [SwissProt:ROA2_HUMAN]
   Triosephosphate isomeraseb [SwissProt:TPIS_HUMAN]
   Peroxiredoxin 6 [SwissProt:PRDX6_HUMAN]
   Superoxide dismutase [Mn], mitochondrial precursorb [SwissProt:SODM_HUMAN]
Enriched nuclear protein extract  
   Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein Lb [SwissProt:HNRPL_HUMAN]
   Pre-mRNA processing factor 19 [SwissProt:PRP19_HUMAN]
   α-enolaseb [SwissProt:ENOA_HUMAN]
   Poly(rC)-binding protein 1 [SwissProt:PCBP1_HUMAN]
  1. aSSc: systemic sclerosis. bHEp-2 cell proteins recognised by all pools of sera from SSc patients with unidentified antinuclear antibodies.