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Figure 4

From: Histone deacetylase inhibition alters dendritic cells to assume a tolerogenic phenotype and ameliorates arthritis in SKG mice

Figure 4

MHC class II, CD86, CD80, and CD40 expression on CD8α+ splenic conventional dendritic cells. Spleen cells were isolated from dimethyl sulfoxide- or triclostatin A-treated SKG mice on Day 35 and stained for each marker. Gates were set on CD8α+ conventional dendritic cells and cell surface molecules were analyzed on fluorescence-activated cell sorting. (A) Representative results of four experiments are shown by mean fluorescence intensity. (B) The mean fluorescence intensities of indicated molecules in each group were compared. Results are expressed as the mean ± SE (DMSO group: n = 4, TSA group: n = 4, P-value was N.S. in MHC class II, P = 0.035 in CD80, P = 0.023 in CD86, P = 0.012 in CD40). N.S., not significant.

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