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Table 4 Regression analysis between carotid IMT and FMD stratified by disease duration from the time of RA diagnosis until ultrasonography assessmenta

From: Correlation between endothelial function and carotid atherosclerosis in rheumatoid arthritis patients with long-standing disease

Time from RA diagnosis until ultrasonography Correlation coefficient (95% confidence interval) Pvalue
Quartile 1, one to seven years -0.003 (-0.019 to 0.013) 0.82
Quartiles 2 and 3, 7.5 to 19.7 years -0.012 (-0.021 to -0.003) 0.02
Quartile 4, 20 to 38 years 0.008 (-0.003 to 0.019) 0.27
  1. aCarotid IMT: carotid intima-media wall thickness, FMD: flow-mediated endothelium-dependent vasodilatation, RA: rheumatoid arthritis. Data are adjusted for gender, age at time of diseaseand time from RA diagnosis until ultrasonography.