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Figure 7

From: Decreased catalytic function with altered sumoylation of DNA topoisomerase I in the nuclei of scleroderma fibroblasts

Figure 7

Measurement of catalytic function of recombinant human topo I with and without sumoylation reaction. Recombinant human topo I proteins were sumoylated with either mutant sumo1 or wild type sumo1 or negative control (without sumoylation), and then were examined for their catalytic function in a serial dilution. Sumoylation of topo I with wild type sumo1 showed a reduction of efficiency in catalytic function (supercoiled DNA disappeared at the dilution of topo I concentration of 30) compared to the topo I protein sumoylated with mutant sumo1 or negative control (supercoiled DNA disappeared at topo I concentration of 22.5). This is representative of three assays. *A, standard supercoiled DNA band; B, standard relaxed DNA bands.

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