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Figure 7

From: CD23+/CD21hi B-cell translocation and ipsilateral lymph node collapse is associated with asymmetric arthritic flare in TNF-Tg mice

Figure 7

Decreased lymphatic flow to ipsilateral PLN and ILN correlates with increased knee synovitis. The knee synovial volume of TNF-Tg mice (ages three to less than nine months) at different stages of disease was quantified by CE-MRI. The lymphatic draining function of PLN and ILN in these mice was quantified independently by ICG-NIR imaging 30 minutes and 10 minutes after injection respectively by determining the signal intensity (SI) of the node. These data were used to assess the direct relationship between knee synovitis and lymph draining function in the ipsilateral ILN and PLN via linear regression analyses, in which the correlation coefficient (R2) with its statistical significance (P) is shown.

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