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Table 1 Demographic features for specimens studied for immunocytochemical localization of cathepsin K and RANKL

From: Constitutive expression of cathepsin K in the human intervertebral disc: new insight into disc extracellular matrix remodeling via cathepsin K and receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand

Subject number Site Thompson score Age/gender Other information
(cause of death)
Annulus specimens
1 L4 to 5 1.5 45/F CHTN (unknown)
1 L3 to 4 II 45/F CHTN (unknown)
2 L5 to S1 II 21/M Surgical specimen
3 L4 to 5 2.5 40/M CHTN (MI)
4 L1 to 2 III 33/F CHTN (PE)
5 L4 to 5 III 33/F Surgical specimen
6 L3 to 4 III 46/F Surgical specimen
7 L5 to S1 III 53/M Surgical specimen
8 L4 to 5 III 29/F Surgical specimen
9 L2 to 3 III 54/M Surgical specimen
4 L3 to 4 IV 33/F CHTN (PE)
10 L3 to 4 IV 59/F Surgical specimen
10 L1 to 2 IV 59/F Surgical specimen
10 L2 to 3 IV 59/F Surgical specimen
11 L3 to 4 IV 78/M Surgical specimen
12 L2 to 3 IV 56/F Surgical specimen
13 L4 to 5 IV 39/F Surgical specimen
14 L5 to S1 V 44/F Surgical specimen
15 L5 to S1 V 39/F Surgical specimen
Nucleus specimens
16 L4 to 5 3.5 68/F CHTN (stroke)
17 L3 to 4 V 69/M CHTN (MI)
18 L5 to S1 III 54/F CHTN (unknown)
19 L2 to 3;
L3 to 4
II 45/F CHTN (unknown)
20 L3 to 4;
T12 to L1
IV; 3.5 33/F CHTN (PE)
  1. CHTN, Cooperative Human Tissue Network; F, female; age is presented in years; L, Lumbar; M, male; MI, myocardial infarction; PE, pulmonary embolism; S, sacral; T, thoracic.