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Table 3 Standards relating validity to interpretations

From: A validity-driven approach to the understanding of the personal and societal burden of low back pain: development of a conceptual and measurement model

Standard 1.1 A rationale should be presented for each recommended interpretation and use of test scores, together with a comprehensive summary of the evidence and theory bearing on the intended use or interpretation
Standard 1.2 The test developer should set forth clearly how test scores are intended to be interpreted and used. The populations(s) for which a test is appropriate should be clearly delimited and the construct that the test is intended to assess should be clearly described
Standard 1.3 If validity for some common or likely interpretation has not been investigated, or if the interpretation is not consistent with the available evidence, that fact should be made clear and potential users should be cautioned against making unsupported interpretations
Standard 1.4 If a test is to be used in a way that has not been validated, it is incumbent on the user to justify the new use, collecting new evidence if necessary