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Table 4 Hierarchical multiple linear regression.

From: A five-year prospective study of fatigue in primary Sjögren's syndrome

Independent variables Change in fatigue measure
  FSS Fatigue VAS FACIT-F Vitality
Age, Gender, Highest education 0.014 0.021 0.051 0.094*
Schirmer, UWS 0.004 0.007 0.024 0.003
Focus score, anti-SSA, anti-SSB, IgG, MH 0.058 0.071 0.012 0.025
  1. The table shows R square change values for each group of independent variables added in the regression model. R square change values signify the proportion of the total model variance that is explained by adding each of the variable groups. UWS, unstimulated whole saliva; MH, SF-36 mental health domain. Abbreviations, see Table 1 legend. * P = 0.047.