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Figure 5

From: Proteomic analysis of saliva: a unique tool to distinguish primary Sjögren's syndrome from secondary Sjögren's syndrome and other sicca syndromes

Figure 5

Immunoblot of the α-amylase in pSS, non-SS sicca syndrome, RA-sSS and SSc-sSS syndromes. The pattern of expression of α-amylases protein was investigated in different classes of patients by 2DE and subsequently by WB with specific antibody direct versus full length of human recombinant protein. Aliquots of 100 µg of proteins extracts from mix pooled WS samples of each class were separated by 2DE using 3 to 10 linear strips 13 cm before Western blot analysis. The dilution was 1:500 and 1:10,000 for anti-α-amylase primary antibody and anti-duck, respectively.

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