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Table 1 Demographic characteristics and NLRP3 gene mutation status in an extended family with Muckle-Wells syndrome

From: NLRP3 E311K mutation in a large family with Muckle-Wells syndrome - description of a heterogeneous phenotype and response to treatment

Extended family  
Family members screened Number = 42 (100%)
Male:female 17:25
Gender ratio 1:1.5
Family members with MWS-associated symptoms  
Symptomatic family members 13/42 (31%)
Family members with confirmed NLRP3 mutation  
Heterozygous carriers 13/42 (31%)
Male:female 5:8
Gender ratio 1:1.6
Age at MWS diagnosis (mean and range) 37.8 years (3.3 - 72.4)
Symptomatic family members with the E311K mutation 13/13 (100%)
  1. MWS, Muckle-Wells syndrome