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Table 1 Primer sequences of bovine genes of interest

From: Effects of Wnt3A and mechanical load on cartilage chondrocyte homeostasis

Gene name Primer sequence Tm (°C) Product size (bp)
Lef1 For 5'-tcagcctgtgtatcccatca-3'
Rev 5'-tgaggcttcacgtgcattag-3'
60 219
c-fos For 5'-cggctttgcagacagagattg-3'
Rev 5'-gggtgaaggcctcctcagatt-3'
60 192
c-jun For 5'-taaactaagcccacgcgaag-3'
Rev 5'-ctcagactggaggaacgagg-3'
60 100