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Figure 3

From: The distribution pattern of critically short telomeres in human osteoarthritic knees

Figure 3

Analysis of OA scores, senescence levels, and telomere lengths at paired loci close and away from the central lesion of the plateaus. The measurements shown in Figure 2 were compared taking them two by two along the same orthogonal line, the one close to and the one away from the central lesion. In this way, we obtained 21 pairs of measurements for OA grade (A), senescence level (B), and relative mean telomere length (D), and 20 pairs of measurement for the number of ultra-short telomeres (C). Units are expressed as in Figure 2. P values obtained from the sign test are displayed. bp, base pair; OA, osteoarthritis; Q-FISH, quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization; SAHF, senescence-associated heterochromatin foci; STELA, single telomere length assay.

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