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Figure 1

From: Replication study confirms the association between UBAC2 and Behçet's disease in two independent Chinese sets of patients and controls

Figure 1

Genetic association analysis in UBAC2 gene region. Overview of SNPs across the UBAC2 gene region in the Chinese cohort. Linkage disequilibrium (r2) to the most significantly SNP (rs9517668, red diamond) is color-coded (red: r2 > 0.8; orange: r2 = 0.5-0.8; yellow: r2 = 0.2-0.5; white: r2 < 0.2). Recombination rates across each region in HapMap CHB are shown in light blue (right y axis). The chromosomal locations and relative positions of genes according to hg18 are shown (x axis).

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