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Table 1 Analysis of TCR Vβ use in A12-tetramer+ T cells

From: Characterization of inhibitory T cells induced by an analog of type II collagen in an HLA-DR1 humanized mouse model of autoimmune arthritis

TCR Vβ % Tetramer+
VB2 < 1
VB3 < 1
VB4 < 1
VB5 (5.1, 5.2). < 1
VB6 < 1
VB7 < 1
VB8 (8.1, 8.2, 8.3) 29 ± 15
VB9 < 1
VB10 < 1
VB11 < 1
VB12 < 1
VB13 < 1
VB14 68.6 ± 10
VB17 < 1
  1. To determine the frequency of individual Vb subfamilies expressed by tetramer+ T cells in DR1 mice, draining inguinal cells from DR1 mice immunized 10 days earlier with A12/CFA were incubated with tetramer labeled with PE, anti-CD4-APC, anti-a/bTCR-PerCP, and an anti-TCR-Vβ-specific Ab conjugated with FITC. Labeled cells were analyzed from each sample with flow cytometry, and the final analysis was performed by using FlowJo software. Data shown represent the mean values from three separate analyses. Virtually all the tetramer+ T cells expressed either the Vβ14 or the Vβ8 (Vβ8.1, Vβ8.2, or Vβ8.3) TCR segment, identifying them as the major T-cell population responding to the A12 peptide presented by DR1.