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Table 1 Demographics and functional assessment of patients with periacetabular osteolysis on plain films

From: Volumetric computerized tomography as a measurement of periprosthetic acetabular osteolysis and its correlation with wear

Measurement index Mean score Range
Harris Hip Scale 76 55–89
WOMAC (total) 569 187–1410
WOMAC (pain) 85 2–221
WOMAC (stiffness) 59 5–136
WOMAC (ADLs) 425 135–1068
SF-36-physical composite 55 20-85
SF-36-mental composite 76 33–96
  1. There were 20 patients in this study (14 male and 6 female) with a mean age of 63.8 years (range 52–76). Nineteen patients were Caucasian, one African-American. The measurements were obtained at a mean of 10.8 years post-operation (range 5–14). For WOMAC (Western Ontario and McMaster University Osteoarthritis Index), a higher score indicates greater pain, stiffness, or difficulty. For the Harris Hip Scale, higher scores indicate better results. For SF-36 (short form 36 questionnaire) higher scores indicate better health. ADL, activities of daily living.