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Table 2 Energy expenditure of systems and organs under various conditions

From: Energy metabolism and rheumatic diseases: from cell to organism

System/organ Energy expenditure
per day (kJ/day)a
Total body basal metabolic rate 7,000
Total body metabolic rate with usual activity 10,000
Total body metabolic rate during minor surgery 11,000
Total body metabolic rate with multiple bone fractures Up to 13,000
Total body metabolic rate with sepsis 15,000
Total body metabolic rate with extensive burns 20,000
Total body daily uptake (absorptive capacity in the gut) 20,000
Immune system metabolic rate under normal conditions 1,600b
Immune system metabolic rate moderately activated 2,100b
Central nervous system metabolic rate 2,000
Muscle metabolic rate at rest 2,500
Muscle metabolic rate activated 2,000 to 10,000 and more
Liverc metabolic rate 1,600
Kidney metabolic rate 600
Gastrointestinal tractc metabolic rate 1,000
Abdominal organ (together)c metabolic rate 3,000 to 3,700
Lungc metabolic rate 400
Heart metabolic rate 1,100 (and more when activated)
  1. Data taken from [2]. a10,000 kJ = 2,388 kcal. bSee derivation of energy need in [2]. cEnergy need is difficult to estimate independent of the immune system in these organs.