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Table 2 Unanswered questions about B-cell activating factor inhibition

From: B-cell activating factor targeted therapy and lupus

Clinical Mechanistic
Comparative efficacy of belimumab with different background immunosuppressive therapies Secondary therapeutic effects of BAFF inhibition beyond primary effects on B cells
Belimumab utility in unstudied patient populations (pediatric lupus, nephritis, cerebritis) Effect of BAFF inhibition on selection and maturation of naïve and antigen-activated autoreactive B cells in humans
Duration of therapeutic effect  
Safety of belimumab post B-cell depletion  
Utility of atacicept, LY2127399, and other BAFF/APRIL-blocking therapies
for SLE and other autoimmune diseases
  1. APRIL, a proliferation-inducing ligand; BAFF, B-cell activating factor; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.