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Table 2 Hazard ratio (HR) of incident gout by baseline anemia in the ARIC study.

From: Anemia and the onset of gout in a population-based cohort of adults: Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study

  No anemia Anemia
Model HR (95% CI) HR (95% CI)
Unadjusted Reference 2.01 (1.46, 2.76)**
Sex and race adjusted Reference 1.52 (1.10, 2.12)*
Sex, race and eGFR adjusted Reference 1.54 (1.11, 2.14)*
Adjusted for confounders1 Reference 1.64 (1.18, 2.28)*
Additionally adjusted for clinical factors2 Reference 1.73 (1.24, 2.41)*
Additionally adjusted for serum urate Reference 1.83 (1.30, 2.57)**
  1. 1 Confounders: Sex, race, categorical eGFR (CKD-EPI), body mass index (kg/m2) and alcohol intake. 2 Clinical factors: Baseline hypertension, diuretic use, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure. * P-value <0.05. ** P-value <0.001. Note: Age was used as the time-scale. Anemia was defined as hemoglobin <13.5 g/dL for men and <12 g/dL for women.